Casino Night

by Laekin

Apparently I’m 8 years old again. When my mother and I were heading back to Ellensburg from apartment hunting in Seattle, she decided to take a random detour. Twas a grand adventure. Until we reached the Casino’s elevators: “ANYONE UNDER 21 MUST BE ESCORTED BY SECURITY”. That’s around the time where I decided “Fuck it, I’m out.” But my mother pushed. So we went upstairs. And of course they asked to see my ID. Fuck. That’s when the two security guards told us that the floor is for 21+. Basically I went to the bathroom because car trips. Then sat in the car while my mother played her favorite slot machine for an hour. On the bright side, I got half of her winnings.

As a side note, I was reading in the car. So I was pretty much 8 years old again, curled up in the passenger seat, reading a lovely book, waiting for my mother to return so we could leave. I was that child.

This guy was leaving the casino and he started up his motorcycle. Only his bike was so loud that the alarm from the car next to him started going off. So he shut the bike off. But then a car wanted to park in the spot. So he started the bike again and the car alarm started going off again.

And then of course we got lost trying to find North Bend from the casino. So we had to turn around in order to get food. And then sleep much sleep. After an episode of Red vs. Blue because YES.