Everything Happened at Once

Hey guys, it has been FOREVER.

Just kidding. It was really more like months. Several months.

Well, I am BACK. Hopefully for good, but no promises yet.

So recap: It was Thanksgiving and shit happened.

What’s happened since then: Shit happened with other nice things involved too.

Essentially my mental state has deteriorated and my brain is mush.

Here’s an overall what you missed list:

  • I graduated.
  • I got a job. I lost a job.
  • I was homeless for a bit.
  • I got asked out.
  • I got a boyfriend:


  • Christmas. I got this awesome shirt:

  • I spent a late Christmas with the male friend person.
  • I moved into a house. I am renting it. It’s cool.
  • moved into my house. I brought all my stuff. Including my two cats.
  • People started gossiping about my personal life for their own entertainment.
  • My boyfriend and I met some family members. He met my major ones. And I met a couple of his aunts.
  • actually graduated. My little thingy on the website says “Degree awarded”.
  • I lost some friends.
  • I gained cuddly cats.
  • Ugh. Life.

Whomp, there it is.