Whoops I did it again, I forgot to post. Another recap.

by Laekin


I took a short sabbatical. Mostly because I was graduating, homeless, then jobless for the longest time. Well now I have a house with my two kitties and two roommates. I also have one job possibly two, hopefully. So let’s get into it:

  • I got one/two jobs.
  • I am single and lovin’ it.
  • I wrote and edited 15 poems.
  • I lost a lot of sleep.
  • I cried over zutara.
  • I yelled at mako.
  • I cried over zutara.
  • I read Speak.
  • I cried over Bellarke.
  • I cried over Kyle and Raven.
  • I caught up in PLL, OUAT, and Reign.
  • I watched all of Modern Family.
  • I started reading A Clockwork Orange.
  • I went job hunting. I had three interviews.
  • I slept.
  • I started rewatching The Big Bang Theory.

The end.


P.S. Have some pics:

10991130_789450601146850_6187236035323959656_n iroh_side_banner_4 tumblr_mjib35L5R81rl69fso1_500