Pride& Everyone’s Prejudices

by Laekin

I’m so sick of the way I get treated. At first, I was going to make this post specifically about work. But then I realized that I get a lot of shit for no reason other than the fact that I’m doing okay.

Like how after my first year at an official university, my ex-friend and ex-roommate decided to demand $2000 from me because her sister’s car was dented on the hood when about 5 people sat on it. She decided to call me (and only me) out because I’m fat and we were no longer friends.

Or how my mother demands that I pay all $40k she took out in loans to put me through school, after I told her not to. 

Or how I was going to move into a house, but the two people living there told me I couldn’t move in because they refused to sign the lease so their friend could move in instead. And then when I told them I’d back out. They wanted me to move in just to pay the $800 they would be responsible for if I didn’t move in.

Or how I was told that my pet deposit was $300 with $200 refundable all 5 times I asked before I moved in. And I read the lease six times before signing. And I got less than $100 of the refundable deposit back when I moved out. But a whole month later, they contact me demanding $100 back because they claim $200 was nonrefundable the entire time.

Or how I get yelled at at the motel I work at for things that I am either not guilty of, or everyone else does it. And the one day I don’t cover their asses, I get in trouble.

Or how at the restaurant, I got servers yelling at me all day for their food going out wrong, when 90% of the time, it’s the other expo who pulled the ticket in the first place. Who didn’t even ask for help, or if they did, they didn’t even know what they were looking for. And even after I tell the people yelling at me that it wasn’t my ticket, they continue to yell at me until either they or I go home.

Or how I have a bunch of friends who claim that they are “too busy” to hangout. When I am far more busier than they are, and I find the time to hang out with friends and binge watch netflix.

Or how I get lectures from my family because my friends don’t have the same “values” as me. Because they like alcohol. Or have tried drugs. Or “look like” they are satanists. When my family barely even notices if I graduate. Or never even meets my friends. Because they live a whole town over. But since I like alcohol and I’m a “whore”, all of my friends are influencing me poorly.

Or how I’m not allowed to have opinions, because according to some people I’m just a woman who “hates on opinions” for believing that women should be treated equal. Or because I believe that LGBTQA people should be treated equal. And instead of dissing other people or staying silent, I voice my opinions without forcing them on others. Unless it’s something stupidly hypocritical like “gay isn’t okay–ever. But lesbian is–only if it’s during a threesome.” Then I’ll tell them that they’re contradicting themselves. Which makes me appear like a bitch and a hater.

I’m just tired of being treated like shit because I’m not conventional. Or because people don’t see everything I actually do. Or because I don’t like labels. Or because I am a cisfemale with opinions. Or because I just entered the “real” world in December. I’m sick of people taking advantage of me and 50 year old men stalking from job to job just to tell me I’m beautiful or force their opinions on me.

I am a cisfemale who identifies with she/her pronouns.

I am a feminist who believes that all genders and races should be treated equally. Regardless of their birth gender or sexual orientation.

I stand up for what I believe in–without offending other religions or opinions.

Respect me, or we will have a problem.


P.S. Rant over.