Work, Work, More Work, and a girl

by Laekin


I usually work at the restaurant from 9am-2pm Friday-Sunday. And then I work at the motel from 8am-4pm Monday-Thursday.

But this week we were expecting a huge number of people to be passing through Ellensburg from Watershed. So I was asked to work Monday at the restaurant. And I switched shifts at the motel. So I just got done with a shift.. Had about an hour and a half break, and now I’m currently working a 4pm-12am shift at the motel. Which is good because MONEY. But also not because TIRED.

Also today, I carried super hot plates out to a table, and then right after I lost feeling in half of my hand. So yeah. I have no idea what my body is up to. ALSO, I took out plates and I have a couple of small dents in my arms from where plates were sitting. Which I think is weird because they were DENTS…IN MY ARM. They’re gone now…they went from dents to light red marks. But what the fuck. Humans are weird.

Also I FINALLY got paid. Now I have to do math to figure out how much I’ll owe for rent, utilities, payments and such. (Btw, I also got an income driven payment plan. Now I’m just waiting to hear about my food stamps application.)

Which reminds me, I am super HUNGRY.



P.S. My friend is going camping on Thursday and we asked my boss if I could cover for her–serving. And he said he’d think about it. Which is NOT the no that I was expecting.