Zeeeeeeeeen, drama, and moreeeee

by Laekin

Yesterday, after work, I went to a Lake all the way in Rosyln with my friend and her friend. The drive was super gorgeous. And I didn’t have service the whole time (4 hours). And the view was so pretty. But I didn’t take any pictures because some things just can’t be captured. And we all just connected to nature. The spot we went to was a little rocky. But we just waded in the water soaking in the sun, the cold water, the slight breeze, and the earth beneath our toes. It was really relaxing. I needed it.

Then I went to bed super early.

Then I woke up and went to work. And for once I didn’t get yelled at for something I didn’t do–or well for anything. Which was spectacular. And I got the easy side work for once. Unfortunately there was a bit of a dramatic outburst on the cook line. One guy rage left and refused to work tomorrow. It left us one cook short. But things went okay. Apparently my other expo got pulled off to do some other work for a bit of time, but he came back to help. Which was good because all of the food came up at once. But I even got to leave first! Which was awesome and purely because I didn’t go on break until after I finished all of my side work.

And now I just spruced up my resume for some job searching. I love the restaurant. But if I don’t get full time there, I need either a 3rd job or to quit the motel for a new full time job in September.

But for now I’ll relax because my feet are sore and I get to work both jobs tomorrow.


P.S. I get paid tomorrow(hopefully)!

P.P.S. I also applied for food stamps. Since all but $350 of all my paychecks go only to my rent and utilities.