by Laekin


So I started watching Sword Art Online. And I thought I was going to hate it, but it was amazing and I love it and proves just how horribly my ex knew me. IT WAS AMAZEBALLS. But it was a huge emotional rollercoaster. And then it ended on a sweet note if you ignore the almost incest.

So then I decided to watch Attack on Titan because it’s more actiony and less emotional roller coaster. WELL I WAS WRONG. It was really good in the sense that they literally mind fuck you and only gives you tiny pieces of the mystery so you never fully figure it out. And the scenes where the characters are using the equipment midair are truly amazing. But *SPOILERS*

let’s kill off the mother. Then find out that the sister isn’t actually the sister making another almost incest accident. Also let’s make these sweet innocent children murderers but with a good reason. And let’s make you love them and ship them and never make it canon. AND LET’S MAKE THE ONLY OTHER AMAZING GIRL THE FUCKING ANTAGONIST. BECAUSE WHY NOT. AND LET’S MOSTLY KILL HER OFF. AND LET’S KILL OFF THE AWESOME CAPTAIN’S ONLY LOVE INTEREST. I say only because he’s too fucking picky and weird to have another. OH AND LET’S NOT ANSWER THE ENTIRE DRIVING POINT OF THE SEASON AT THE END OF THE SEASON.

Okay. I’m done. Both shows are amazing and amazingly frustrating. But in my opinion, a show isn’t great if it doesn’t frustrate you for the good reasons.


P.S. Any recommendations for my next anime?