Mario Kart Rage Quit

by Laekin

So fun story,

I worked a double shift at the restaurant. On accident. Turns out I was scheduled to expo and serve. Which was awesome because I’m serving again. But dear lord. My feet were killing me. And then I was trying to learn to cook. But I got yelled at, so I prepped some food.

And I had plans with friends. That were cancelled because work blew up and one of them couldn’t make it.

But I stayed up really late watching The Cleveland Show with my other friend. And I went to work super early the next morning. And I almost died. I think my body was so exhausted it turned on itself at the end of my shift. I had to stay later too because a large amount of people showed up after everyone else cleared out.

And then I went home forgetting to ask my boss to fill out the worksheet for my food stamps application. So I had to drive all the way back.

Then I passed out. And then I went out to the bars and found out how badly I play mario kart drunk. Also Dirty Minds isn’t that fun of a game. And My friend and I were going to invite the cook from work who was going to join us the night before, but he isn’t 21. So oh well. We had fun.

And then I worked at the motel the next day. so whoop. At least I’m back on that serving grind again.


P.S. I’m on episode 75 of Sailor Moon. I might be a little nerdy.

P.P.S. Kaylee and I drunk sang almost all of the songs at the bar.

P.P.P.S. Kaylee thinks someone missed the toilet. She probably has piss on her shoes.