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LoL Things That Piss People Off

I’ve been playing a lot of League lately. And I have compiled a list of polite gaming behavior that players should use.

  1. Don’t be an asshole.

That’s it. But some people don’t understand. So here are some easy guidelines:

  • Call your lane. If someone has already called that lane, call a different one. Switch it up. You want proficiency in all lanes and as a jungler–not just as bot lane. Support and ADC are bot lanes. 
  • Tell people if you’ve never played your character before. If this is your first time playing as Fiora (or other character), tell your teammates. They will appreciate it and be patient. Also, they will most likely give you tips on how to play her (or other character).
  • Call your missing enemies. A lot of people ping to call for assistance, to signal retreat, and most importantly if your enemy is mia and might be heading to gank. If you do it, your teammates will be grateful and they’ll start doing it (in most cases).
  • Leash your Jungler. A lot of people will either have 2 top and 2 bot, or 1 top, 1 jungler, and 2 bot. The jungler needs to be leashed. This means help them kill their first monster. Make sure they don’t die. Experienced junglers will ping you away, when they have a handle. Otherwise watch and help for a bit. But make sure you don’t kill the monster. That’s the jungler’s job.
  • Answer your teammates assistance calls. If you teammate dies, your teammate will feed an enemy–an enemy who will soon be too amped up to kill unless taken care of ASAP. This will hurt your team. Answer your teammates calls for help. And they’ll be more keen to answer your calls.
  • Don’t kill steal. If your teammate has ample health and is about to kill an enemy, don’t kill the enemy yourself. If you’re either in a mess of a battle with 4 or more champions and struggling, or if your teammate is low health, kill stealing is okay. But if they put up a fuss about it, apologize. 
  • Don’t put up a fuss about kill stealing. Seriously, don’t do it. Especially if you are playing a support or ranged character. Your main goal as support or ranged, is to support your team. You should get more assists than kills. Likewise, if your teammate is a support or ranged character, don’t be a baby. They will not have nearly as many kills as you, with some exceptions. Let them get a few kills. If kill stealing becomes a real problem, bring it up on chat. If the problem isn’t addressed then, report the player after the game.
  • Don’t be a dick in chat. If you’re playing with someone not as experienced or leveled as you, don’t repeatedly call them a noob, stupid, dumb, retarded, or any other names. Not even if they’re the asshole doing that and you want to call them an asshole. Report the player after the game for verbal harassment. Don’t harass them back. Don’t lash out at them either. Don’t spam the chat either. It’s distracting and could kill a teammate inadvertently while they’re looking at your 50 pings. Offer help if a teammate is feeding or looks like they need help. Don’t tell them to go fuck themselves or that they’re such a fucking noob and so stupid.  EVER. You have no idea what is happening on their side of the screen.
  • Don’t join a game if you have to be afk at any point. Bathroom breaks are okay during long deaths. Emergencies are okay. But don’t start a game then leave for a concert halfway through. It will cost your teammates the game. League will penalize you and your teammates will report you. Vomiting and such emergencies are okay. Sucky internet is okay.  But if you’ve been throwing up every 15-20 minutes, please don’t start a game. You won’t be able to finish it. And it will hurt your team. Likewise if you’ve been trying to playing a game 3-5 times and your internet is being funky and keeps disconnecting you, don’t start another game. It’s not cool to your teammates. They will be playing 4 against 5 most of the time. It’s just not cool.
  • Don’t be afraid to report players who are abusing you or are purposefully hurting your chances of winning. That’s why there’s a report button.
  • Honor and add players frequently. At the very least, honor the players you admire.

This has been how to be a good/neutral player on League of Legends.



Roomates are gone? PARTY TIME.

Currently, I am home alone–excluding my two cats. One of my roommates it’s either on vacation for spring break, or just living with her boyfriend during that time. The other one is taking four days off and vacationing somewhere. Anyways, that means I am home alone. And I was told I could throw a party or do whatever. So guess what I’m doing?

I’m watching musicals. And playing WoW and LoL. And using the dishwasher.

I started with Aladdin just for the hell of it.

Then I started watching Repo! The Genetic Opera.

And I’m almost done with Hairspray.

I’m not sure where I will go after that, but I miss Fiddler on the Roof and Phantom of the Opera.

Ooh I also have Moulin Rouge!.

Long story short: I am the best roommate you could ask for.


P.S. We usually hand wash our dishes because there’s not that many.

The blood of artists.

Artist Blood


Like Shelley’s water

boating phobia.


Like Keats’ blood—

speckling cough.


Like Van Gogh’s ear

clipping razor.


Like Plath’s oven

burning flesh.


Like Cobain’s little

drug addiction.


Like Ledger’s alcohol

chased prescription.


Like heroin in the addict’s system,

sorrow laces the blood of artists.


When I was younger,

I mistook my blood for melancholy.


The greats all die young

my professor once told me.


P.S. This is one of my personal favorites.

Modeled after Jennifer L. Knox’s “The Opposite of Crunchberries”

From Fuck to Fuck


The opposite of fuck is love.

The opposite of love is, likely, racism.

The opposite of racism

is watching your white son marry someone not white


and crying tears of joy.

The opposite of tears is tears

in your favorite sweater

that you try to fix in desperate desperation.


The opposite of desperate

desperation is thinking optimistically.

The optimism opposite

is a mental illness that was cool before it was cool.


The opposite of hipsters is

hippies with bell bottom jeans and a tie dye shirt.

The opposite of adults

is a single child with no fucks to give.


P.S. This was a poem for an assignment that changed drastically. It used to make more sense.

Two cats: One cat, one dog

I have a cat who acts like a dog. And a cat who acts like a cat.

One of them follows me around. And refuses to let me be without her.

By this I mean, if I shut my door (it’s a sliding door), she will open it a sliver then sit outside.

She’ll also keep her paws under the bathroom door. And barks.

On the other hand I also have the cat who sunbathes inside:


who is content laying in a basket:


who forgets that he is playing with a string:


In conclusion, I own two cats. One is a cat and the other is a dog.


Whoops I did it again, I forgot to post. Another recap.


I took a short sabbatical. Mostly because I was graduating, homeless, then jobless for the longest time. Well now I have a house with my two kitties and two roommates. I also have one job possibly two, hopefully. So let’s get into it:

  • I got one/two jobs.
  • I am single and lovin’ it.
  • I wrote and edited 15 poems.
  • I lost a lot of sleep.
  • I cried over zutara.
  • I yelled at mako.
  • I cried over zutara.
  • I read Speak.
  • I cried over Bellarke.
  • I cried over Kyle and Raven.
  • I caught up in PLL, OUAT, and Reign.
  • I watched all of Modern Family.
  • I started reading A Clockwork Orange.
  • I went job hunting. I had three interviews.
  • I slept.
  • I started rewatching The Big Bang Theory.

The end.


P.S. Have some pics:

10991130_789450601146850_6187236035323959656_n iroh_side_banner_4 tumblr_mjib35L5R81rl69fso1_500

Quotes and Secrets

It’s been a really rough couple of weeks. (1) Thanskgiving, (2) Family, (3) School, and (4) Friends. I’ve been trying to find jobs and places to live in Ellensburg. It’s actually kind of difficult.

(1) I hate holidays. I hate them. They are filled with meaningless small talk and repeated questions. And Thanksgiving is always a really small gathering full of people who don’t listen to what we say. So this year we went to my aunt’s house afterwards. There was somewhere between 30-60 people there. Just the way I like it.

(2) Family is awesome if you have a good communicative family. I didn’t. It’s getting better. But it’s still not there yet. And I had a traumatizing childhood. So I’m not a huge fan of family gatherings. But Thanksgiving was still pretty bad.

(3) School is stressful. Grades, classes, presentations. Oh. I also wrote this fabulous poem for Poetry Writing. But I don’t think I will be able too read it allowed. I am physically not able to read it. Stupid mouth and tongue and speech skills.

(4) Friends. Many many issues. I guess I got upset with one of my friends because of some things that were said. Being upset was completely valid, and I didn’t do anything. Besides wait 3 days for a confrontation. And I skyped my friend in Canada for a long time. It was the most we’ve talked since living in the same town. I even talked to one of my other friends via phone after I got super upset. And after explaining  some things, he made me feel better. Anyway, lots of stress and tears and pain. Because Humans hurt one another. And Pain demands to be felt.

Also, I am on this medication. And it kind of works. Dehydration, Hallucinations, and Insomnia have been happening. But they’re very mild. And all of the side effects simply happen at night. It makes me feel artistic. I guess I am an artist. Plus these are more than likely symptoms of my problem not being suppressed by the meds.

Also I have been doing this thing to distract myself. I find a famous poet or author’s birthday on the day that it is. And I post quotes by them all day. I usually pick quotes  that really hit me hard.



Devastating News

Hey all,

I’m writing to tell you all that my dreams have died. I am staying in Ellensburg after I graduate from CWU. This does not necessarily mean that my dream of living in Seattle is dead. It is just dead for now.

The reason this happened is because my roommate backed out due to Seattle being expensive and being in limbo until grad school. Well, it is. And since my housing plans were all messed up, and I only had one for sure job, and I’m altogether incapable of going back to Seattle to apartment hunt before I need to move in. So my dream is dead.

I would move back home, but that’s not really an option for me. Due to personal and occupational reasons. Personal being none of your beeswax unless you and I are close friends or friends who want to be close. Occupational being that there are even less writing jobs in Wenatchee than there are in Ellensburg. Who would have thought? Oh wait. I did. That’s why Seattle. 

Anywho I’m still kind of upset that I’m not going to Seattle. And by kind of, I mean a lot. But I know it is what’s right. I had a bad feeling about Seattle. And while I have a good feeling about Ellensburg, it feels wrong to stay after graduation. But it is much better than going back to live with my parents. No matter what, I would have been in a state of limbo until grad school. At least in Ellensburg, I will have help from my previous professors. I just might not get as much of the professional writing experience that I need. Audible sigh. 

And it means I can keep in touch with all my old friends and get closer to my new ones. Before/after work. But I will have more employment opportunities because I’m not restricted by a school schedule. This whole thing hurts. So I’m ending it right here.


P.S. I’m sorry for bothering you, but thank you. I really needed to talk to my best friend–at least the one that could calm me down and make me feel better.

P.P.S. If you are a new friend, this means facebook/email/text me in order to hang out!

Casino Night

Apparently I’m 8 years old again. When my mother and I were heading back to Ellensburg from apartment hunting in Seattle, she decided to take a random detour. Twas a grand adventure. Until we reached the Casino’s elevators: “ANYONE UNDER 21 MUST BE ESCORTED BY SECURITY”. That’s around the time where I decided “Fuck it, I’m out.” But my mother pushed. So we went upstairs. And of course they asked to see my ID. Fuck. That’s when the two security guards told us that the floor is for 21+. Basically I went to the bathroom because car trips. Then sat in the car while my mother played her favorite slot machine for an hour. On the bright side, I got half of her winnings.

As a side note, I was reading in the car. So I was pretty much 8 years old again, curled up in the passenger seat, reading a lovely book, waiting for my mother to return so we could leave. I was that child.

This guy was leaving the casino and he started up his motorcycle. Only his bike was so loud that the alarm from the car next to him started going off. So he shut the bike off. But then a car wanted to park in the spot. So he started the bike again and the car alarm started going off again.

And then of course we got lost trying to find North Bend from the casino. So we had to turn around in order to get food. And then sleep much sleep. After an episode of Red vs. Blue because YES.


Recent Things

  • I want to be a poet.
  • I want to go to Iowa for Grad school.
  • I borrowed this amazing book.
  • I started watching really amazing shows.
  • I go apartment hunting tomorrow.
  • My insomnia is back.

So I kind of accidentally rediscovered myself. I guess I have been blocking out certain aspects of myself subconsciously. And taking this Poetry Writing course has really brought back my creative side. It’s also part of the reason why I want to go to Grad School at Iowa State. Apparently my professor has connections. And I met the admissions director. And I’m super poor. But when I start applying places, I’m definitely going to try there. Oh. And speaking of Poetry Writing. I had no idea this class would be so great. It’s not even really the coursework, but the people. I think our class has gotten pretty close–even though we only meet once a week. And I’m going to be really sad when I move away. But I have new friends. And I ain’t about to disappear for good. Because I would like to keep some of those friends! Speaking of Poetry Writing friends, I have a book in my possession that is not mine. And no I did not steal it. But I might. But I won’t. (I’m obviously still debating if I want to give it back.)

Anyway, this book is the most amazing thing that I have ever read. It definitely looks like something I wrote, if I had had all that knowledge. This book is called How To Be a Person The Stranger’s Guide To College. And it is the truest book you will ever read. But apparently it ships film nerds with english nerds. And apparently neither know much about the other. There is a section called “Everything you need to know to successfully flirt with film nerds” and another section called “Spoiler alerts for big novels so you can flirt with english nerds as if you’ve already read them” and that’s it. No more flirting sections for anyone else. There’s this great Poetry section.  And a section about describing certain types of people and the old people one is particularly hilarious. Pretty much all of the sex section is just screwing with you. But in a really sarcastic and humorous way. It’s super perfect. There’s a great section on Feminism. I demand all of you read it. Because women are PEOPLE. (What!?)

Oh and I started watching The 100 and Red vs. Blue. And they are both amazing. The 100 reminds me of Lost but with super attractive people and sex and outer space. Red vs. Blue is full of very funny jokes. Kind of the same type of comedy as How To Be a Person.

Tomorrow I start the long and distant journey of traveling all the way to Seattle, WA. This where my mother, my future roommate, and I will all be touring apartments and deciding which apartment we would like to call home. I am super anxious but excited at the same time.

And apparently my rediscovery of myself has led to the rediscovery of my insomnia.

Here are some pictures from the book that you need to read to prove to you that you need to read it:

IMG_5259IMG_5260 IMG_5263IMG_5264



P.S. Thank you fellow nerd who lent me this book. I definitely will maybe give it back to you.


P.P.P.S. The end of this book has a page purely dedicated to discussing the fonts they chose. I am super happy about this because I was actually curious about what fonts the used.